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Brown Rice 101 (Video)

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While I think on the whole, my body does better with less grains, brown rice does happen to be one of my faves as far as grains go.

I especially love fat, plump, and sticky short grain brown rice but don’t worry if you don’t know the difference between short grain and long because I’ve got it all covered in this video.

I almost always have a container of brown rice (or quinoa) hanging out in my fridge –  if for no other reason than to whip up my Easy Brown Rice And Black Beans.

Yes, it’s true… Katie eats this meal for dinner about twice a week.

What can I tell ya, it takes all of two minutes to make, and served alongside some mashed avocado, my two year old is a happy camper.

Happy two year old = happy Mommy.

Two minutes to makes kids dinner = plenty of time to make fresh squeezed margaritas.

Mommy after a fresh squeezed margarita = a very happy Daddy.

Ya see… who knew a container of brown rice in the fridge could have such a ripple effect?!!

Now go watch the video so you can bring some more brown rice love into your family!! xo

UPDATE : Be sure to check out my latest video on How To Freeze Brown Rice.  It makes a great head start ingredient.

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5 comments on “Brown Rice 101 (Video)

  1. Love your videos. It helps me to see and hear rather then just read instructions. Wish you and computers had been around when my kids were growing up.

  2. Amazing ripple effect! And what good taste your 2 year old has!!

    We made coleslaw in culinary school yesterday and I just wanted to drp to say it wasn’t actually as good as your recipe. Fact.

  3. HI Dani!

    Thank you for this Vid.
    I love rice and try to not to eat too often, because I the white starchy kind is not good everyday…..but this brown rice lesson is very good and what I liked was how you showed a simple thing like how to PROPERLY prepare it.

    Thanks and hope the family are all well,


  4. Once again Dani; you give GREAT information. You are one of the best on-line cooking educators!

    I love rice but like a lot of folks these days I don’t eat much from the grain category but once in a while is nice.

    I would like to share a little helpful stuff about cooking rice. It is important for the fluffy rice people, to not lift the lid while the rice is cooking (no peeky). Once the rice has been cooking for its time (I prefer about 40 minutes on my quirky stove) then you can lift the lid and TIP the pot to see if any liquid sneaks out from under the rice. Certainly, if you think the rice is done you could drain it but I really don’t ever recommend this-don’t want to lose any goodness. If you see liquid show up on the edge then just put the top back on and cook for a few more minutes until the water is a no show.

    Making your rice this way (not touched at all until it is done) will keep it nice and separate. The reason for this is that while rice is cooking, little pockets of steam will develop around each kernel evenly cooking each one leaving the starch attached to the kernel. As soon as you dig into the rice this pocket web is broken and the mass will settle into a more sticky and even sometimes gooey but not quite cooked rice dish.

    Essentially, this leave-it-alone technique is the complete opposite from cooking risotto which, as we all know, takes a lot of “touching” to knock the starch off the rice to make that awesome creamy dish. I love brown rice risotto—no need to always use white Arborio.

    So, if you want to have fluffy (grown-up) rice on your plate next to your roasted chicken (for example) you might want to try the no-stirring-until-it’s-done technique.

    Another advantage to this no touchy method is that your rice will rarely, if ever get over-cooked…unless you totally forget it while typing responses on websites!

  5. Hi Dani:)
    Have you ever made how to cook brown rice video??
    Love from Tokyo.

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