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Okra 101 (Video)

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Well guys, todays is officially day seven of my post-Jersey cleanse and I can honestly say it’s getting A LOT easier.  But although it’s getting easier, I am very low energy.  I have NO desire to workout (aside from a stroll or a bike ride), and all in all feel pretty mellow.

Is this what vegans feel like all the time?  Any vegans out there??

It’s interesting to see what comes up emotionally when you take away just about all of your go-to ‘vices’.

No big cups of coffee.

No cookies.

No toast.

No cheese on top of my ratataouille.

No vino.

In other words, no distractions.

No distractions from myself, my thoughts, or my feelings.

If you want to explore any underlying, nagging thoughts or feelings you may have, I highly encourage you to embark upon a cleanse.  It shakes up your regular programming which tends to offer new perspectives.

I’ve already had two days (day 2 and day 5) where I had what felt like an upheaval of emotions that left me in tears.  You know the kind.  When you are balling your eyes out and have no idea why.

That was me.

As uncomfortable as it can be, I like this kind of stuff.  After a little observation and journaling the emotions always stem from somewhere.  Because after all, ALL of our feelings and emotions are preceeded by thoughts and if you can take the time to trace the feeling back to the thought you may just surprise yourself.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve uncovered a thought I didn’t know I was thinking.  It’s fascinating stuff.  Mostly because it gives me the opportunity to course correct when my thinking is off track.

Which leads me to okra (well not really but I needed some sort of segway).

I have to apologize b/c I a getting this video to you a little late in the season but hopefully you can still put it to use before all the fresh okra leaves us for the season.

The video will cover all the basics BUT remember, you can also use frozen okra when fresh is not available.  It works beautifully… especially in dishes like gumbos and curries.

I would LOVE to know if you guys are Okra fans??  Do you love it or hate it?  How do you like to use it?  What dishes do you make with it and/or what kind of seasonings do you like to pair with it?

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20 comments on “Okra 101 (Video)

  1. I buy a lot of okras… and the one way i use to check the tenderness of the veggie is to snap the tips.. if it snaps easily then it is tender n good to cook…

  2. I love okra! Sadly, fried is my favorite way to eat it. Sooo tasty! I did recently find a recipe to coat the pieces in a beaten egg mixture, then with breadcrumbs and bake them. Not as bad for you as fried (also doesn’t taste as good, but still a decent way to enjoy it!).

    • Funny you should mention this! I’ve been dying to attempt a cornmeal crusted baked okra… it just sounds so good to me. IS it usually served with a dipping sauce?

  3. Hi Dani,
    I am so glad you posted an Okra video. Being from Texas, we love to grow it (when we’re not in the middle of a terrible drought) and EAT it.

    I absolutely love to make OKRA AND TOMATOES. So easy to saute an onion…with a teaspoon of bacon fat for flavor…then add sliced okra and diced tomatoes. You can use chicken broth, water or even tomato juice for more liquid. I love Tony Chachere’s original creole seasoning for a great gumbo flavor. This is great by itself or served over a bed of steamed rice.

    Thank you for all the wonderful videos, recipes and inspiration. I love your blog and look forward to your emails.


  4. Well, I don’t like okra, for the same reasons you mentioned in the video. I don’t like the texture of it (don’t know what it taste like though). But I have to say that watching your video, it makes the okra a bit more appealing (although I don’t plan on using it anytime soon :) ).
    Love your videos!!!!! I think every recipe should be a video. Fun to watch!!!

    • Thanks so much Hadas! We are working on our Fall videos right now;) Always good to know you’ll be watching!! Now put on your big girl pants and go try some okra – lol!!

  5. Ruchika – Great tip!! I wish I knew this one before I made the video… that would have been super useful! Thanks for sharing:)

  6. I grow Okra here in Georgia every summer. Also, we call it \Okrie.\ Generally, We toss out the caps and tails when we cut them up to can or fry. However, for pickling the caps and tails are left intact.

    • All of these cute little Okra nicknames out there… I love it. I’ve got to try to pickle them… I’ve always wanted to pickle something!

  7. I’ve really grown to love okra over the years, especially in one of my favorite Indian dishes (bhindi masala?). I started roasting it whole & eating as “fries” dipped in ketchup – I know, weird but yum.
    Gotta watch your vid!!

    As for cleanse, I totally get what you’re saying, you really relayed your feelings & thoughts well. It’s amazing what our bodies & minds are telling us when we are really listening. Good job!!

    • Thanks Aggie – extra support always welcome around here;) ALSO – I’m posting a video for Okra Fries next week… funny you should mention it;)

  8. Hi Dani,

    First time posting but I’ve been following you for awhile. I’m a fan of your message and the work you do (I’m on my way to becoming a Health & Nutrition coach as well!) Love the honesty of this post. It is so interesting (and tough) to see what comes up during a cleanse…or any time when you actually do some self-observation. I totally hear you! Oh and I just tried this the other day–eating okra raw! Like a crunchy snack. The idea seemed off-putting when someone recommended it to me, but I actually like it better raw than cooked. Worth a try…

    • Congrats on your almost certification… the world can use lots and lots more of us! And now I’ve really gotta try raw okra… too many people have mentioned it!

  9. Oh my goodness – I ve felt the exact same way whenever Ive done a detox! I actually wrote a post about it that I really want to link to because it was so similar..


    Anyhoyw – I could never work out whether it was the lack of caffiene or the toxins leaving my body. In the end I decided to compromise and call it a combo :).

    I also love okra – wish I could get it more easily here (england). Have a wonderful weekend! xo

  10. I’m all for compromise and combos Em! I actually remind myself everyday that the book I chose to use is simply a guide and I can alter it however I need to throughout the three weeks. That in and of itself is a huge a accomplishment for me b/c in the past I would have felt the need to follow it to the letter in spite of myself. Kind of defeats the purpose… ya know what I mean?

  11. Dani,

    I make cornmeal crusted baked okra all the time! It is super easy to make and delicious without sacrificing the healthy side of it by baking in the oven. I usually dip mine in basic tomato&basil marinara but I’ve seen my friends pair it with Guacamole or salsa!

    Thanks for another awesome, informative video! You look terrific :)


  12. I am a Chaldean (christian Middle Easterners from Babylonia) from the Detroit area, and I love okra. My favorite recipe is a dish called “Bamiya” using baby Egyptian okra(size 00)
    that we get frozen and imported directly into Detroit from Egypt. It is a gumbo like stew with a tomato sauce flavored with a bit of meat, spiced with our village spice “baharat”
    and a touch of garlic. This is served over rice. I am an amateur cook, wine expert and a avid student of gourmet foods. Your site is great. Keep up the energy.

  13. Okra taste great lightly steamed or sauted with either salted cod fish or bacon bits. Do not over cook to prevent increase slime but just lightly to maintain crispness. Try it, it is delist and filling.

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