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  1. Cyndi

    Hahaha!! That just made my day!

    What more can you do – she’s got all of those great shapes, colors and textures in front of her – watching her discover the range of taste sensations is a blessing for you. She’s beautiful and so curious!

    But the carrot “gesture” – hahahaha!!!!!

  2. Marcia

    Dani, you had me cracking up because I too am guilty of this innocent pleasure… You just can’t help but see how their going to react! Thanks for letting us share in the pleasures of your little one’s explorations! You’re such a wonderful mother! Happy exploring! =)

  3. Melissa

    This made me laugh so hard – Katie and Nico must be kindred spirits because he’ll give me looks like that too. Like Katie, Nico can be really into purees depending on the day/his mood. Mostly, he just goes for the stuff he can gum so I’ve been just letting them feed him purees at day care for lunch but I give him regular food at home. He’s even had steak, it’s too funny. His favorite is cut up bananas and strawberries with classic cheerios for breakfast. He loves feta and cheddar. Baby mum mum rice rusks are also a favorite. He’ll pick up anything and shove it into his mouth – if I come at him with the spoon, he will clamp his mouth shut and push himself away to the point of practically tumbling backwards out of his high chair (if he were not strapped in). Strong little bugger. Hey, I don’t mind, less pureeing for me to do though now I have a huge stash I need to get rid of. oh well, additions to soups and stews and I have enough applesauce to bake with (in convenient 1 ounce portions) for a LONG time.
    Looking forward to more eating adventures!

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