Apple and Cheddar Egg “Pizza”


Hey guys… I’M BACK!  Lot’s of fun, long trip, happy to be home BUT most importantly… happy to be back in my kitchen with my knife and my cutting board!  Man oh man, did I miss cooking!

After seeing Roni’s Tomato and Egg Pizza over at GreenLiteBites I couldn’t help but take this recipe idea and run!!

This recipe is the perfect example of how to take a simple, basic technique (in this case making the egg pizza base) and turn into your own. I mean, really you can take this recipe 101 different ways and with the egg being the delicous, versatile, little guy that it is, the flavor combinations are endless!

Why apples, cheddar and rosemary?? Well, I love eating apples and cheese together and I once had an apple pie that had rosemary in it (SO GOOD), so that’s where this flavor combination came from. But some of the other ingredients I have played with so far are onions, peppers, ham, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, different cheeses, different herbs and even chicken… like I said, the possibilities are endless!

And although I don’t have any of my own yet, I have no doubt that the little ones will love this meal as well!

I know you guys have some great flavor combinations popping into your heads as well, soooo as always, I’d love to hear them!! What flavor Egg “Pizza” will you be making?

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Apple and Cheddar Egg “Pizza”


  • 1 egg2 egg whitesSplash of milk1/2 apple chopped up2 tbsp lite cheddar cheese1/2 tsp minced rosemaryCooking spraySalt and pepper to taste


  • Whisk together egg, egg whites, and milk and finish with a pinch of salt and pepper.
  • Heat an eight-inch non-stick saut pan over medium low heat. Add eggs to the pan and allow to cook for about two to three minutes. Youre basically looking for the eggs to set all around with a little wiggle on the top!*Remember, the key to perfect eggs is to cook them LOW and SLOW, so dont jump the gun on this one!
  • Once youre eggs are mostly set with a little wiggle on top sprinkle the chopped apple, rosemary, and cheese over the top. Pop a lid on and allow to cook another two minutes or so or until the eggs are completly set through and the cheese has melted.
  • Slide on to your plate and enjoy!!
Course: Breakfast, Gluten Free, low carb + keto, Vegetarian
Cuisine: BREAKFAST, Gluten Free, low carb + keto, Vegetarian