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Health & Weight Loss Coaching

I know the struggle all to well when it comes to trying to get healthy and lose weight.  I spent YEARS thinking that weight was my problem and that somehow my entire life would be ‘fixed’ if I could just create the perfect body.

I’ve learned SO much through my desire to get healthy and lose weight.  What I once saw as my biggest problem (the extra weight) I now know as my greatest gift (it’s the truth!) because it provided the doorway for me to get to know myself in a way that I would have never strived for had I not had the extra weight to begin with.

Our relationship with food and body is a reflection of our relationship with life and we have to look at the whole picture if we really want to create lasting, sustainable change.

Here’s what I know for sure; There is both an art and a science to weight loss and I am passionate about helping woman understand the whole spectrum so they can stop spinning their wheels and begin to create the change they desire.

But, I know, I know.  There thousands of nutritionist, dietitians, healers, helpers, and coaches out there who can help you lose weight so…



My clients get to relax and truly take a brand new approach to losing weight.  An approach that embraces ease, love, and celebration.

I don’t have a one-size fits all system.  With each client we get to talk,  get curious, get honest, and dive right into the space you need to go to create the change you desire.


What if losing weight wasn’t about finding the perfect diet or exercise program?  What if it wasn’t about deprivation and restriction?  What if everything, everyone tells us about eating less and moving more wasn’t all it’s cracked up to be?

The one thing that I know for sure (and am always excited to teach my clients) is that nothing outside of us; no book, no recipe, no spin-class, and not even that amazing web-cooking show ‘Clean&Delicious’ can tell us more about ourselves than US.

What if losing weight was really about getting to know yourself a little better?  Listening to you? Learning how to understand the signals of your body?  Taking the time to understand why you eat? When you eat?  What works?  What doesn’t?

What if you could actually leave the struggle behind and ease into the changes you desire?
What if there really, truly was another way?

The work I do is only for women (and men) who are:

  • Sick and tired of starting again
  • Done with trying to lose weight via. punishment and self criticism
  • Ready to give up restriction and deprivation
  • Open to trying something new
  • Ready to understand what their weight is really all about
  • Eager to know themselves on a deeper more intimate level
  • Ready for more fun, celebration, and love
  • Interested in an ease-guided approach



Working with a small group of like minded women, this program gives you the best of what I’ve got in a limited amount of time.  We will meet on the telephone once a week for six weeks.  In between phone calls you will receive daily emails and guided assignments to help you learn the path to permanent weight loss.  During this time you also have unlimited email access to me so I can help answer any questions you may have along the way!

The next jump-start group kicks off on January 20th.  We will chat every Monday at 1pm EST time.  If you sign up before January 13th you will get the early bird rate of $199.  If on the other hand, you tend to procrastinate and sign up after the 13th, rates will jump back up to $249.



Want to take the deep dive and get right into it?  Then this personal coaching is for you!  We can meet via Skype or on the telephone and discover what exactly has been holding you back from reaching your goals so you can learn the tools you need to make the change you desire today.


START HERE –> Complimentary 30-minute ‘Get To Know You’ session

This is a great way for you to get a feel for how I work so we can see if we’re a good fit for one and other.   To set up a session, simply send me an email with “Get To Know You’ in the subject and we can schedule an initial consultation.


Coaching Packages



“Dani Spies in a nutshell – uncomplicated, simple, real and down to earth.  I’ve tried Atkins, South Beach, counting calories, Weight Watchers, cutting carbs, Quick Weight Loss….the list goes on.  Dani’s approach towards eating and health is totally different from anything I’ve ever tried before.  I hope you embark on this journey with Dani…you won’t regret it.” – Cristine P.

“Working with Dani was a fantastic experience for me.  She taught me how to discover my hidden truths. It’s amazing to learn how a few simple tools can change my whole focus! I like knowing that if I get stuck, I can call on Dani to help me sort things out.” – Janet M.

“It is something beyond just basic math, I needed to understand why I overeat when I do. That’s where Dani came into my life and has been helping me down the sometimes complicated emotional path of healing what is behind the bad eating habits I had developed. I can’t say enough about her consummate professionalism, extensive knowledge, and most importantly, empathy. My issue isn’t something that can be fixed overnight, but Dani is helping me heal from the inside out and this time I am confident that I will be living life on my terms.” – Karen P.