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How-To Freeze Pancakes (Video)

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This week I am not sharing a recipe video but rather a tip via video.

Whether or not this little tidbit warrants a video of its own I’m still not sure BUT what I do know for sure (I always feel like Oprah when I say that – love her!) is that this little trick has been a game changer when it comes to weekday breakfasts in our home.

Why you ask?

Because my little ones love to eat hot pancakes for breakfast BUT still can’t differentiate between ‘Mommy-has-plenty-of-time-to-cook-breakfast-on-Sunday-morning’ AND ‘sit-down-eat-get-dressed-and-find-your-shoes-because-we’ve-got-20-minutes-to-get-out-of- the-house-Tuesday’.

And yet I still hate to say no to these little faces

(Especially when they stroke my ‘pancake making ego’ by begging for more of my pumpkin pancakes).

So I needed to find a solution.

That solution is demonstrated in this video (hint: I freeze them).

Isn’t it funny how it’s ALWAYS the simplest ideas that can create the biggest solutions?

Do you freeze your pancakes?  Or anything else for that matter?  I think I may be leaning in the direction of finding more ways to use my freezer and always love to hear from YOU – my brilliant readers!




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6 comments on “How-To Freeze Pancakes (Video)

  1. To freezer extra pancakes for future use, I put hamburg patty paper between each one and freeze all at once….they always come apart when needed.

  2. I don’t freeze them, but I make up a batch and they are good in the refrigerator for several days.
    My youngest loves crepes so when I make them. I always make enough for her to have them for
    a few days.

  3. I run a daycare and I DO freeze pancakes, muffins, french toast, breakfast sandwiches…you name it! After they cool, lay them flat onto a pizza pan and put them in the freezer for a few hours and then when you put them in a freezer bag, they won’t stick to each other when you go to use them. Then, the morning of, I can just put them into the microwave for a minute or two to thaw and heat them through.

  4. Hi – I freeze them, heat in micrwave to thaw and then pop in the toaster to make them crispy! My kids (14 and 20 now) always liked them toasted.

  5. Thank you! I’m going to try this next time I make bread and need to save it. I have always put a piece of waxed paper between each slice to freeze them. Your way looks MUCH faster and easier than the waxed paper method. I will try it with pancakes too. Funny I didn’t think of it–it’s just like freezing so many other things like squash chunks and berries. Thanks again.

  6. I really had a huge smile on my face remembering how much my son loved and probably still (all grown up) loves pancakes. I do however still make them and freeze them. I love my stoneware since I can reheat them while I AM doing something else real quick. They taste truthfully like they came right out of the pan. Hint: Pampered Chef Stone……Smile

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