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How-To Freeze Bananas (Video)

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The amount of bananas that are eaten in my household on a weekly basis is insane.

I would say we go through 5 bananas a day, and for those of you who don’t feel like doing the math, that’ s like 35 bananas a week.

That’s a lot of  bananas.

As soon as my little one’s wake up in the morning they are both screaming like lunatics for a banana.

It’s seriously like an addiction and God forbid we’re out of bananas – you don’t even wanna know what that looks like – I’m telling you, it’s not a pretty sight.

But who am I to judge?  After all, I’m the same exact way with my morning coffee.

Freezing bananas is a great trick to turn to anytime you find yourself with brown bananas on the counter and no desire to reach in for your inner Martha and bake up some bread or muffins.

Frozen bananas are great in smoothies, protein shakes, dipped in a little Nutella or peanut butter or whirled into some “Better than Banana Ice-Cream“.

Be sure to watch the video to see my trick for avoid having all your frozen bananas stick together and then pop down into the comments and let me know what you like to do with your frozen bananas?!!

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13 comments on “How-To Freeze Bananas (Video)

  1. Hi Dani! I love freezing bananas. I use them in smoothies all the time and they are great.

    I have always been told to slice them to freeze as the food processor would not be able to handle a whole frozen banana. I have always wanted to make “ice cream” and may have to try that tonight.

    Thanks for a great site!

    • Slicing them is a good idea especially if working with a food processor. I often use a high power blender – which is why I don;t have a problem with a whole or halved banana;)

  2. Thanks for the tip to keep them from sticking. My 2 previous attempts were a complete FAIL!

    We’re going on vacation tomorrow….so I’ll be freezing the last few bananas tonite!

  3. We always freeze bananas! Thx for the great video though! We slice them into bite size pieces just like Lori because we make smoothies out of them.

  4. Great information! Silly question: you said lay the bananas on parchment paper. Is wax paper the same?

  5. I have found that freezing bananas right in their own skins works perfectly if you are going to use them mashed up like in banana bread, pudding or ice cream. You don’t even have to wrap them at all ‘cuz they have their own “wrapper”. I just thaw them in their skins, cut off one of the ends and squeeze the soft mushed banana out like a tube of toothpaste. When you freeze bananas in their skins they don’t peel very well when still frozen; they leave behind bits of the skin stuck on.

    Your way seems like a great idea for that sweet frozen treat you mentioned at the end of the video. I bet dipped in chocolate would be fantastic. Maybe you could stick a popsicle stick into them before freezing.

    I also wondered how leaving them whole would work for smoothies. I’ve always cut chunks before freezing for that. I love your banana ice cream idea–I’m going to have to try it. Thanks

    • I agree! Before, I’ve skinned and sliced the bananas and then frozen them – but they somehow turn brown. Now I freeze the ripe bananas whole and in their skins – keeps them fresh longer! I just toss them into the freezer, no wrap/bag. You can easily peel the skins with a paring knife and then slice them into pieces, right out of the freezer – I never had trouble with that. Makes a smoothie that’ll give you brain freeze!

  6. My favorite recipe (and the kids) is spinach icecream! 2 frozen bananas, 40g spinach, pinch of salt (absolutely need as this helps break down the spinach), peppermint extract (few drops) and some chocolate chips!

  7. If you have enough flat space in the freezer, you can put skip the plate and paper step. Just put them all in the bag, sliced or halved, zip it up, lay the bag on the empty shelf (or in my case on top of all the bags of frozen veggies) and spread them around with your fingers so they are evenly spread and not touching each other much. Once they are solid, you can shake the bag a bit and loosen them up.

    Great video!


  8. Thank you for such a brilliant blog. Do you know if one has to blanch/cook the spinach before you can freeze it? Also, could you please tell me how long the ice creams can be frozen for?

    • The ice creams don;t work well once frozen. They are much better made in small quantities and eaten right away. As for spinach – I thin ka quick blanch would be the best way to go, if you want to freeze it yourself!

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