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How To Cut And Dice A Mango (Video)

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Juicy, sweet, tangy, refreshing, delicious mangoes.

I’m going to assume that you’ve eaten at least one in your lifetime.

If my assumption is off please do me a favor and go buy yourself a mango.  They are truly delicious and definitely a taste experience you don’t want to miss.

But of course before you can eat a mango you need to know how to get into it so I wanted to share my favorite ways to cut, dice and eat a mango.

Now mangoes are perfectly delicious eaten as is or simply stirred into some Greek yogurt or cottage cheese (great post workout meal by the way) but if you wanted to take it one step further you can try out one of these recipes:

Mangoes are great because they work in so many different types of dishes and add a fresh bright flavor that is simply refreshing.

They also happen to make an amazing addition to a Margarita and I really must share my beloved Mango Jalapeño Margarita recipe one of these days BUT until then I ask you this:

Do you have a favorite way to cut a Mango?  Do you like to incorporate them into sweet or savory dishes?  Share in the comments below your favorite to use this sweet and juicy fruit!

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3 comments on “How To Cut And Dice A Mango (Video)

  1. loooove mango’s! i recently bought a new variety of mango’s at costco called champagne mango’s…they were amazing! they are more yellow in color – whereas the regular variety you’re typically used to seeing is reddish/green and the champagne mango is also not has “hairy” as some of the mangos in south florida. you gotta try them! p.s. my new house has a mango and avocado tree!! :-) dying to hear your mango jalapeno margarita recipe!!

  2. One word of caution. Mango skin contains uroshiol, the same chemical in poison ivy and poison sumac. If you are highly sensitive it does not mean you can’t enjoy a mango…I would hate to think of missing out on this delicious fruit! It just means you may want to have another family member cut the mango for you. I have had poison ivy in the past but am apparently not highly sensitive because I’ve cut my own mangos and enjoyed them with no problem, however I have a family member who had a reaction on her lips and the inside of her cheeks, apparently from eating mango pieces that were cut too close to the skin.

  3. I second that warning.
    If the skin is CUT off, then there really isn’t any urushiol in the mango meat and that’s just fine to eat. But if you PEEL the skin off, then some of the mango fibers on the outside of the mango meat will be from the area very close to the skin and will contain uroshiol.
    It’s horrible to eat some lovely mango and then have to suffer a week of itchy lips because of eating mango that was too close to the skin.
    Thanks for the video though! I’ve always wondered how those pretty grid cuts were made.

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