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Dandelion Greens 101 (Video)

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Dark leafy greens are one of the most nutritious foods we can add to our diets and I find that the more often I eat them the more often my body craves them.

I call this the ‘snowball effect’.

The ‘healthier’ my food choices = the better I feel = the more I want to make amazing, nutritious, choices like Dandelion Greens.

This my friends is why it’s always important to do things and make choices that make you FEEL good because when we feel good, we tend to take actions that support us feeling good.

Point of the story: if you are in a space of feeling less than amazing, take a minute today to step back and do at least one thing that will make you FEEL good.

Maybe that means a mini-dance party in the living room, a simple walk outside, putting on your favorite nail polish, buying some fresh flowers or perhaps experimenting with a new green veggie.

And if you’re feeling uber-inspired to experiment with Dandelion Greens today, here are few recipes that caught my eye to get you started:

Have you ever worked with Dandelion Greens before?  What are some of you’re favorite Clean & Delicious ways to make them?

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One comment on “Dandelion Greens 101 (Video)

  1. Ok, I love your videos! You just got me very excited about dandelion greens, I haven’t picked them up in a while. I totally agree about what you say about healthy food choices being contagious!

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