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Project Investigation Wrap-Up

Yes.  It’s true.  What should technically be day 20 of my investigation project is instead a wrap up.

Well not really a wrap up for me BUT a wrap up for the website.

My initial inspiration to share this on my website was to show that finding our groove with food and body is a very personal journey – and that as many tips, tricks, and words of wisdom there are out there – the only real answers are found within us.

For myself this is an ongoing process and a journey that has taught me more about myself than any other road in my life.  It has always been my journey with food and body image that has pushed me to explore myself on a deeper level and really get in there and ask the why of whys!

I have no intention of ending this – I just can’t keep up with it on the site right now.

I have full intention of expanding the information I bring to you guys and sharing more of what I continue to learn so we can all grow together but in order to do this I have decided to take this off my plate.

A short term goal for this site is to be posting one new video, one new written recipe, one ask Dani, and a little something about our minds and our bodies each week.  I am also planning some updates to the site in the next couple of months as well as starting up my coaching practice again.

I hope you guys understand and really look forward to bringing you all the ideas in mind to come!!  xo

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    Sandy — May 11, 2012 @ 9:29 am

    Dear Dani I love your smiley face.Recently I learned about CLEAN eating from a personal trainer.Your web site has beeen amazingly helpful.Perfect recipes and all the right ingredients that I already love like quinoa and broccoli.I would never have been exposd to such great recipes.Thank you and keep up the good work.I have place you on my favorites list and will visit often. Thanks again Sandy

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