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Day Thirteen: Project Investigation

Am I the only person on the planet that has no idea where March has gone?  Seriously! Where?




6:30am Coffee with 1/2 & 1/2, 1/2 ezekiel english muffin with coconut oil and almond butter

10am Greek yougurt with granola

12 handful almonds

1:30 Big Cobb Salad and a low fat latte (this was at a coffee shop while doing some work)

6pm Few bites feta cheese, 2 pieces sliced turkey, some roasted broccoli, and a few bites of kids brown rice and beans

8pm A (fat) glass of white wine while munching on some popcorn (wasn’t really hungry – just kind of doing it b/c it was there) –> interesting

I was doing some work at night while drinking my wine and snacking on the popcorn.  The popcorn was definitley a ‘stress’ sort of snack – and YES!  I will be jounaling about what I was feeling so stressed about.

Rememember – this is th epoint of these food journals… they are not to track every bite that I eat but to help me bring awareness to whats going on for me.

I recently heard someone describe the food journal as ‘the messenger’ – it’s there to show us where we are not happy.  Like, ‘hey Dani… this is where you have something to look at, and I’m gonna bring it to your attention by giving you an urge to eat popcorn when your not really hungry.”


Slept from about 10pm until 6 am, but was up for an hour or so in the middle of the night with my little guy! – Still felt rested for the day.


Worked out with my trainer – we did some isomertics and strenth training.  I always feel great after working out with him (he’s awesome).


I just finished my 6-week certification course which was taking up a lot of my time and have learned A lOT.  A lot about how our thoughts and beliefs affect our body and weight and A LOT about myself, so I am still trying to absorb it all.

I do plan to begin seeing clients again soon, but will first be signing up 6 clients to work with me for my certification.  If you are interested in some Weight Loss Coaching and are cool with being recorded, send me an email in the ask dani section!

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