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Day Twelve: Project Investigation

I’m having a hard time getting these posts up every night, so I’m just gonna keep moving forward, sharing when I can.  I’m not gonna bother trying to play catch up with days that I’ve missed, b/c that stresses me out and I’m just not signing up for unneeded stress!

Today was the last ‘official day’ of my Weight Loss Certification Course and we had an amazing, insightful class.  Between calls and class I was on the phone most of the morning 8am-11:30am) and had lots of emotions swirling around.  All of the strong, exciting feelings definitely subdued my appetite today.


Did not hop on the scale… will do that tomorrow.


6:30am – coffee with half and half, 1.5 slices Ezekiel toast with coconut oil and 1.5 hardboiled eggs (made a little same and shred with my hubby)

12am – 1/2 sweet potato

2pm – bowl lentil soup, green salad with turkey dipped in blue cheese dressing

3pm – americano with 1/2 & 1/2 and a dark chocolate almond nougat from See’s candy (pure JOY)

5:30 – Sole Oreganata (recipe to come) with butter lettuce salad

8pm – Glass of red wine

I had a very small appetite today.  I think it was probably a combination of not working out and having lots of emotions swirling around after my class… my brain was preoccupied.


Basically none.  did squeeze in a 30 minute walk with my hubby, but it was more of a stroll and chat with coffee (and chocolate) than anything else.  Did do a little foam rolling and was able to do some stairs yesterday.


Have been getting great sleep.  Went to sleep around 10:30 and was up by 5:30.


It’s interesting to me how an appetite can change simply as a result of what is swirling around in the mind.  My thoughts were very preoccupied today with lots of cool stuff that was making me feel both nervous and excited.  These feelings don’t make me want to eat… they seem to suppress my appetite.  Stress or anxiety… now that’s a whole different story for me… these feelings usually make me want to snack when not hungry.


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