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How-To Make Really Good Scrambled Eggs (Video)

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I know that lots of people know how to make scrambled eggs but how many of you know how to make really good scrambled eggs?

I’m telling you… it’s worth knowing, because the difference between regular old scrambled eggs and really good scrambled eggs may just rock your world (it did mine)…

So check it out and let me know what you think!

Do  you have any tips and tricks when it comes to making scrambled eggs?  I’m always game to hear something new;)

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19 comments on “How-To Make Really Good Scrambled Eggs (Video)

  1. Funny, I just had scrambled eggs for lunch today. I make them a couple times a week at least, but rarely at breakfast. Like you, I prefer the low and slow method – but I continuously stir the eggs as soon as I put them in the pan because I like the smaller, creamier curds. I also have recently been making them based on a method I read about in Bon Apetit or similar magazine – crack the eggs directly in a room temp saucepan, add your seasonings, and continuously whisk while heating over medium low. It takes a little while, but the results are well worth it and addictive. I have never had creamier and more delicious eggs. I eat them with these tortillas I recently found that are made of all manner of ancient grains that I have crisped in the oven, and topped with herbs. Oh yum yum yum.

  2. I use the low and slow method, but I add a touch of skim milk instead if water, and a little salt and pepper. While they are cooking, I use a whisk to stir them… this keeps the fluffiness going, or so I tell myself.

    If you want them to be uber-extra delicious, I add a little cut up bits of cream cheese or velveeta (cream cheese is the best though) to them while they are cooking… oh-so yummy!!!!! Man, I made myself hungry!!!

    I always take them out of the pan when they still look “wet” because they’ll keep cooking a little even after you take them out, and if you don’t, they get so… NOT the texture I want!!! :)

  3. Thank you Dani; you made my day! FINALLY instructions on how to make the most tender, creamy, flavorful, moist scrambled eggs. You hit it right on…almost. The only thing I do different is that I don’t touch them so much. Like you I do the slow, low thing lifting the firmer part toward the middle letting the liquid fall down to the pan. I do this VERY carefully 2 or 3 times and then gently fold the whole thing omelet style, remove to a heated plate and let it sit for 1 minute to fully cook. Sometimes I sprinkle some cheese over it before folding. I totally prefer NOT turning the eggs into little pebbles with constant stirring. Those little pebbles (or curds as someone says) will cook VERY quickly and lose their tenderness and moisture. Thank you! I LOVE your videos.

  4. I really meant “warmed” plate so as not to cool the eggs too quickly.

  5. I usually make scrambled eggs for my hub and myself for breakfast:

    3 eggs, 3 egg whites (the ones in the carton) whisked with a good heaping tablespoon of plain Greek yogurt. “Healthy Butter” (1/2 EVOO, 1/2 butter) in the pan, heat on medium… when “butter” is done foaming, one last whisk and into the pan… as they first set up, I do a few scrapes and let it sit a bit again… the Greek yogurt makes them poof up a bit and taste a bit tangy but oh so yummy… sometimes I even flip the eggs a bit at the end – I don’t like soft set scrambled eggs, but not rubbery either!!! No salt until on my plate with sliced tomatoes, avocados, grapefruit and a few prunes … can’t get that in any restaurant! :) xoxo

  6. Stephen Homnack Reply

    You might also try adding a TSP of cream cheese. Question. Do you have a video on how to cut up a whole chicken? This would save money on the cost of purchasing separate parts. Another video that would be helpful is how to properly carve turkey.

  7. Lisa Lewey-Shields Reply

    Love your videos….. I use milk or cream when scrambling. I also add grated co-jack or cheddar cheese to my eggs. We have them for breakfast, brunch, or brupper…. I take out my families eggs at the soft stage but I continue to cook mine because I do not like them soft or “wet” , I like them well done and with a crisp crunchy texture (“browned”). We also like them as a fold…. in between scrambled and an omelet. We will add bacon or ham and veggies and cheese but fold it in half like a quesadilla .

  8. your videos Dani are phenomenal! Thanking you I, who doesn’t like to be in the kitchen any longer than a must, but a health maniac.

  9. Ray Rodriguez Reply

    I’ve been cooking my eggs all wrong but they’re still very good. I’m trying your recipe just to see if I can do that little song you did afterwards! Love your videos :-)

  10. Hi Dani.
    I just want to thank you for the video on making good scrambled eggs. For me it was a profound experience, I make those eggs almost every day and you are right when you say less is more, in so many words. Thanks Dani, from a fan in Stockholm, Sweden.

  11. Ok, soI know it sounds strange but I’ve finally figured out the secret. My scrambled eggs always came out dry until I peeled a zucchini and grated it into my eggs before I cooked them. You can’t tell they’re there and the eggs come out moist and yummy every time! Even my super picky kids asked for seconds!

  12. Yes your eggs are good! Your eggs are good! I love the coconut oil, it gives a great taste! The only thing I am made about is you did not advise that they could be addicting. Go off singing in my Dani voice…my eggs are good, my eggs are good! Twirls hair and drops spatula! LOL!

  13. *made should be mad. I hate when I get so excited that I fail to proof read.

  14. I love this video!

  15. Hi Dani,
    I found your youtube channel yesterday and I was amazed. Today´s breakfast was thanks to you delicious:) I finally made a good scrambled eggs and I´ve had it with 1/2 of avocado and banana-almond milk-tahini smoothie…mňam:)
    This afternoon I want to try your Banana Crepe & Almond Butter Pinwheels. Many greetings from Czech Republic:)

  16. Strange, but i don’t sede the recepie.:(

  17. This the first clean dish I made. Yum!!

  18. I love the coconut oil flavor, too. I have been cooking the eggs as you do and love the “wetter” eggs. Because turmeric is such a healthy spice that works better with coconut oil and pepper (as catalysts for the real benefits of turmeric, or cumin), I usually sprinkle both atop the eggs when they are done.

    When I have time in the morning, I grab whatever veggies I can cobble together and stir fry in more coconut oil to accompany my eggs and sprinkle them with turmeric, too. I have kale, onion, carrots, or spinach, onion, carrots, or whatever greens and veggies that sound good together. It makes a meal that curbs hunger for many hours.

    Thank you so much for providing such healthy offerings and such well-done videos that help a usually cooking-challenged person like myself. It was always a chore but it has become fun trying to eat healthy.

    I joined an organic veggie co-op a few years ago and that has provided many veggies that I never tasted much less cooked before. I have come to enjoy so many new dishes. It only took over 60 years. lol

    Thank you for caring enough to share your journey.

    • You ar every welcome!! And good for you for being open enough to continue learning new things! I think that is awesome:)

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