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Day Ten: Project Investigation

Okay, so I’m trying to keep up here but sometimes a day or two passes and I just don’t get the chance to share.  SO instead of playing catch-up, I’m just gonna pick up with where I am… day 10.


133lbs – still the same and one pound up from where I started.


My eating has been all over the place.  I have not been taking the time to think or plan a thing.  This transformation turned investigation is feeling much more like a journal right now!

7am – Coffee with half & half, Banana with Almond Butter and cacao nibs

9am – Small plate of veggies (plain jane… just wanted veggies)

10:30am – Cup of Wild Rice and Chicken Soup, Slice Ezekiel toast with olive oil & garlic

2:30 – Leftover turkey taco with shredded cheese

5:30/6 – 2 slices whole wheat quesadilla, few bites of black beans and couscous, popcorn, 2 squares dark chocolate

8pm –  glass of white wine

I did not take the time to think about or plan any of my eating today – my dinner was literally the scrapes of my children’s plates.


My thoughts are that I don’t feel like thinking, at least not about food and eating right now… goodnight!

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