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Day Seven: Project Investigation – It’s Time To Consider Take-Out

Okay.  Here’s the wrap up from day seven.

I can tell you this much… I’m learning something new each day!


132.5 Holding steady.


7am – Coffee with half and half and maple syrup

8am – Ezekiel toast with almond butter and banana

8:30am -HIKE

11am – Oatmeal, eggwhites, apple, and a little more almond butter

2:30am – Leftover turkey taco filling rolled in two corn tortilas sprinkled with cheddar cheese

4pm – Coffee

5:30-8pm – Bowl of Chicken and White Bean Chili, 1 slice of cheese quesadilla, baked chips and guacamole, few crackers with cheese, 1 skinny girl margarita, 1 glass white wine

I am noticing a couple of VERY intereting things about this day!  For starters, I did not eat any veggies!  Other than the veggies that were cooked in the chili, I literally did not have ONE vegetable.  This is definitley something I didn’t even realize until reading over my food journal right now.  Interesting.

And the second big thing for me was in the evening… we had some friends over and between preppin some food, monitoring and feeding the kids, I really wasn’t ‘staying connected’ as I was eating (and drinking).  This is the kind of eating that gets me in trouble because it’s like I’m not even enjoying the food and kind of eating as an after thought.

Again, I really wasn’t even aware of how much I ate until I took a minute to write it all down.

But instead of kicking myself and being dissapointed (since it serves no purpose anyway!) I’m gonna use this as an opportunity to ask myself, how this could have been different?  What can I do in the future, to stay more connected to myself when my environment is a little hectic and disorganized?

  1. I can NOT cook… yes.  I said it.  As much as I LOVE to cook and entertain, it just becomes to much sometimes with the kids.  It’s just too much juggling and then I don’t really enjoy myself which completely defeats the purpose.  I think I may start doing takeout on nights when we have kid-family-friends over.  This way we can just enjoy the company and not have to juggle so much.
  2. Feed the kids first and then sit down and eat myself.  I tend to stand and graze and eat – which results in me not paying attention and eating way more than I am actually hungry for.

That’s all I can think of for now… do you guys have any tips that work for you in this type of scenario?


Went on an amazing hike with one of my best friends… it’s about a 4.5mile hike that takes about an hour and half.  We had a great conversation and I was so glad I went!

Before I had my little ones I used to hike all the time.  As a matter of fact I hiked almost daily when I was preggo with Katie but ever since having my peanuts I can easily find a 101 reasons why I shouldn’t go hiking (ie. the time, the kids, the household chores, work… etc.) so I planned this ahead of time just like I would anything else that is important to me.  I would love to do this at least once a week… I absolutely LOVE hiking, it maakes feel so clear and connected!


Went to sleep around 10 and was up at 6:30.  Good nights sleep!


I think its worth noting that I SO did not feel like postiing this food journal.  I realy just wanted to sweep the whole thing under the rug and pretend it never happened.  Interesting, huh?

My thoughts:

OMG, I am not a role model.

OMG, I ate so ‘bad’.

OMG, no veggies- really? Not even one?

OMG, what’s the point of this?

OMG, people are going to think I’m insane.

OMG, why am I sharing this?

blah, blah, blah, blah, blah…..

I had to remind myself this is my opportunity to observe what I’m doing in order to learn where and how I can make changes that will work better for me.  And honestly, I’m so glad that I did b/c I really did learn some things.

For starters, I learned that I ate no veggies!  And the other is that trying to entertain with kids and cooking etc, is just not fun to me.  I want to enjoy it, but I don’t – and that’s a very valuable piece of information.  I gotta keep it simple when it comes to that scenario so I don’t feel spread to thin and scattered all around.

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2 Responses to “Day Seven: Project Investigation – It’s Time To Consider Take-Out”

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    Karen — July 24, 2013 @ 9:46 pm

    I really hope you will read my comments and are still connected with this site…I think it is awesome you sharing your journey here! It’s really late here (past 12am) so I may not finish all these, but it really has been encouraging to read the process…read the struggle as it’s something I believe everyone can identify with. :)

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      Dani — July 25, 2013 @ 5:51 pm

      I have read all your comments and am glad you can relate:) thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts! xo

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