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Artichoke 101(Video)

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Yet another video that was shot last year when I was still pregnant with Jachs.  What can I say, we got a little ambitious in front of the camera but lost our footing a bit with the editing… BUT why waste our time chatting about the past when here we are one year later with a finished product, right?!

I adore artichokes, and get so excited when I start them begin to pop up all around the farmers markets, but I know for many that artichokes can be rather intimidating to work with, so…

I wanted to be sure to arm you guys with all the basic essentials you need to know to work with these delicious veggies before the season passes you by!

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8 comments on “Artichoke 101(Video)

  1. I love this video!!! Super informative!! Thank you so much!! I’ve always wanted to learn how to cook an artichoke!! I hope you make another video making a few great dips/dressing to eat with this :-)

  2. Thank you Dani for your wonderful vidoes! I never bought some of the veggies I love to eat because I didn’t know what to do with them. I now can enjoy my veggies with your help. I really do appreciate your time for the videos. Love the step by steps. Thank you again.

  3. Super helpful, you’re so cute!!!

  4. I love artichokes and your videos, thank you Dani.
    Artichoke leafes and hearts dipped in melded and salted butter are
    my favorite for ages.
    Dani go on, you’re great, my best wishes from good old Germany. (o:

  5. Lisa Lewey-Shields Reply

    Love artichokes with melted butter also… especially drawn butter….

    Love ALL your videos Dani… have shared your request for You Tube votes with all my email friends and groups and all my friends on facebook. Good Luck !

  6. Tried this tonight, first time ever trying artichoke. Both hubby and I did not appreciate it at all, however the smell was kind of nice. It won’t be something to add to our “have ever again” list. LOL

    Thanks for the video. I wouldn’t know how to cook without your 101 vids. :)

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