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The Easiest Way To Cut A Pineapple (Video)

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I’m not a big fan of pre-prepped produce from the grocery store.

It’s more expensive.  Less flavorful.  And usually not so fresh.

BUT at the end of the day, we’ve all gotta pick and choose our battles SO if pre-prepped produce is what helps you get your fruits and veggies on the table, then definitely, do that!

But since it is my mission to get more delicious and nutritious foods into your bellies, more often, I thought, maybe, just maybe, if I showed you the easiest and quickest way to cut up a pineapple then perhaps I could:

  1. Save you a few bucks (b/c you would no longer be tempted to buy them pre-cut)
  2. Encourage you to buy and eat this scrumpdilyicious fruit more often!

And I promise you that the technique I use in this video really is just about as quick and simple as it gets (and you don’t need any silly gadgets!).

Pineapples are super refreshing and great in smoothies!  I also love them with breakfast (especially with eggs for some reason). You can also add them to salsas, salads, and grain dishes for a sweet surprise.

What do you like to do with pineapples?  Do you have a favorite dish to use them?

PS – We shot this video nearly a year ago when I was still pregnant with Jachs!  So just in case your were curious, NO… I am not preggo again;).

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6 comments on “The Easiest Way To Cut A Pineapple (Video)

  1. nice video, Dani, thanks for sharing!

  2. Dani!! We have a pineapple coming in our veggie box next week so this is perfect!! Im going to have it in salad with smoked mackarel and leafy greens, avo and red onion – im SO excited. And now I know how to cut it too! Perfect! :)

    Happy New Year! xox

  3. Dani, I have been crazy about pineapples (and I think it has a lot to do with being pregnant myself), so babe and I are very grateful for this awesome tutorial! By the way, you look beautiful in this video!

  4. Jaya – OMG! Congrats on your pregnancy… what a lucky little one you have in the oven!! So glad you found the video helpful:) Lots of luck with everything… being a Mom is the best thing eva’

  5. Em – Wow… that sounds like an amazing salad… I’ll have to give it a try! Thanks for sharing;)

  6. Dani: Thanks for showing how to cut a pineapple. I bought a pineapple cutter ($10), but it worked 2x out of 4x. The last time I used the cutter to cut my pinepaple, the cutter didn’t go all the way through and stopped half way. I end up with crushed pineapple and juice at the top. Then I end up cutting the rest of the pineapple using your method. I think I will ditch the pineapple cutter and just use a knife and cut it your way.

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