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Sweet Potato 101 (Video)

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This is an updated version of my original Sweet Potato 101 video (which was the very first 101 video I ever posted!).  We have improved the sound, cut back the length, and shot it in HD!

Here’s what I had to say back in 2007;).

I have began to realize that a huge obstacle standing in the way of people cooking nutritious, delicious meals for themselves is that they simply don’t know how to select, store, and prepare the ingredients!

So I thought it would be a great idea to start making some How-To videos showing you guys the basic steps you need to know to get cookin’. I know for myself, once I actually see something done, it gives me more confidence to attempt it. So I’m hoping watching these videos will encourage you to try some more Clean & Delish ingredients!

And since we’re sticking to the basics, my husband suggested calling these videos “101’s”, which I thought was a pretty good name. What do you guys think…it works, right?

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20 comments on “Sweet Potato 101 (Video)

  1. I agree! Seeing it done by someone who knows gives me the confidence I need to try it myself.
    How about a class on how to prepare lettuce to achieve that crisp (non flabby) texture that you get when you order out?
    Could help, can’t hurt.. Keep up the good work!

  2. Millie – Good to know, I’m gonna keep on making the videos!! Thanks for stopping by:)!

  3. My dear Dani,
    Your website, recipes and videos are just a breath of fresh air. I love watching the videos and look forward to your recipes.

    Keep it coming Dani. You have a big fan base. Roll on a TV show of your own!

    I love the way you are addressing the value of food as in the nutritional part these days as a Health Counselor.

    As you know, I work as an eating and weight management coach myself on a pretty similar basis here in Australia, and like you, really look at ways in helping people get over that diet mentality and understand that all foods can fit into a balanced diet. It’s all about realising that there are no “bad” foods.

    It is all about balance, moderation and variety!

  4. Sandy – Thanks for much! You have NO idea how happy it makes to know that my videos and articles are able to reach others:).
    After spending years myself stuck in the “diet” mentality, it took me a while to realize that “diet” food food DID NOT equal “healthy” food. Food these days has become the enemy and I just want to help people learn (as I did) that it’s NOT. Food is our ally, we just have to RE-learn so much of what we have been taught.

  5. I love your website Dani !! I’m gonna show you some support by visiting some of the advertising on your websites on your site. You are way better than those people on the Food Network. You should apply for a job there.

  6. Hi Dani,
    Saw you actually on Foodie. Your perfect for a food show. Cute, personable, and present well in front of a camera. Good job!

  7. Alex – Thank you!! That’s Awesome!
    Peter – Thanks for the support!

  8. Great video! I did exactly what you did for the sweet potato fries (added spicy paprika and pepper too). Question for you – can you cut up sweet potato now, flash freeze them and then keep them in my freezer for a couple of months?

  9. Psychgrad – I have to say, I really don’t know. If you try it, I’d love to hear whether or not it works!

  10. Hi Dani,,
    I just love your videos. They are so inspiring. Cooking seems so easy using your own ways. I learn a lot from you and from your videos. Thanks

  11. Hey Dani, just watched this video and the one for the no bake pie…i wish that I had watched this two days ago before I had my first encounter with yams (which someone told me were the same as sweet potatos. I never knew that you could steam them, which is awesome and would have cut my cook time the other night by 1/4. Are yams the same as sweet potatos? Also, it would be great to know what ways one could prepare the ingredient being discussed in your “101”.

  12. Jennifer – Steaming them really is quick way to go, you’ll have to try it next time. As for the difference b/t yams and sweet potatoes, as far as I’m concerned, they’re the same thing, although I’ve heard 101 different answers to this question in the past. Anyone out there want to share their input?

  13. yohaniecia cummings Reply

    Dani, you are the greatest I love your recipe videos. THANK YOU.

  14. Dani –
    You got me addicted to these things!!! YUMMY!

  15. Krista – It’s a good addiction to have;).

  16. Hey Dani!

    Just wanted to share what I think is the best and most well-received sweet potato dish. I cut the sp’s in wedges and cover them in olive oil, italian spice mix, garlic powder and a tiny bit of pepper and curry powder. I then cut up some white onion in strips and mix. Lay them on a cookie sheet that is covered in parchment paper (youll thank me for that one) and cook at 450 for about 20-25 mins. My freinds cant get enough!


  17. I love your videos, Dani. Girl, you have a huge knack for TV :) go for it!!

  18. You were the first cooking website I ever found you know – and I still LOVE you!!!! Just adding to my (endless) recipe to-do list now. Your cranberry sauce with ginger is our Thanksgiving choice this year! I toes want your portabella mushroom burger like yesterday as well…

  19. You are the most amazing person ever!!!!! I have tried a few recipes from you, that I have never would have tried on my own.

    You make everything look so easy – please keep them coming 😀

  20. 101 i love this seccion. I have learnt soo much. Plz do more. Thanks.

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