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Oat and Berry Protein Shake

Oat and Berry Protein Shake

Oat & Berry Protein Shake – Clean & Delicious®

I’m officially 22 weeks pregnant and realize that I have not shared many pregnancy details with you guys. This is mostly because for the first 16 weeks or so of this pregnancy the only form of pregnancy communication I seemed capable of was complaining! It was a rocky beginning and let’s just say that survival out weighed my health concerns.

In other words, I spent four months eating buttermilk pancakes with butter and syrup, buttered toast, pizza, buttered pasta, and lots of sweets.  Basically if it was made of sugar or butter it was on my menu and I spent most of my day sitting on the couch, watching Sesame Street with poor little Katie, swearing that I would never let my husband touch me again and complaining to anyone who would answer the phone.

Then just as I was beginning to come out of it the holidays rolled in and I spent a month back East eating lots and lots of cookies and indulging in my fair share of rich and decadent holiday meals.

It wasn’t a pretty picture but I’ve finally made it to the other side and am now feeling 110% myself again.

But I’m gonna be honest, after nearly four months of being mostly inactive and eating more junk food than I care to admit, my old “diet-mentality” tries to sneak back in.  It says things like, “eat low calorie meals“buy low calorie fake foods” and “follow this or that specific diet plan“.  And then if I’m not “perfect” (whatever that means) it says things like, “you’re gonna gain like 70lbs while your preggo and never be able to lose it” or it tries to convince me that I’m some kind of failure.

Lucky for me, I’m pretty quick to recognize my old-dieting pal when she drops by and while I’m grateful for her efforts to try and help me I now know that her techniques do not work for me!! So I kindly say, “thanks but no thanks” and put my focus back on to real, whole, nutritious foods that are packed with nutrients and make me FEEL good (it took me a long time to learn to focus on my feelings and not my thoughts but I’m getting pretty good at it!).

This morning was my first workout back with a great friend of mine who also happens to be an amazing personal trainer.  I call his technique, “the yoga of strength training” because the moves use very little weight and focus very much on proper form and body alignment with lots of stretching thrown in as well.

When I came home I was hungry and wanted something fast that would replenish and refuel my body after my first day back.  So into the blender went some of my favorite post-workout ingredients, including; oats, protein powder, berries, flax seeds and banana. It was delicious and perfect… hit the spot, filled my belly, and was done in about three minutes.

And you know what guys?  I feel great:).

So tell me… do any of you ever struggle with a “diet mentality”?  Or/and do you have a fave quick post-workout meal? Would love to hear your thoughts and ideas!

Oat & Berry Protein Shake

Yield: 1-2 serving

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 0 minutes

Total Time: 5 minutes


  • ½ cup skim milk
  • ½ cup water
  • 1 cup frozen mixed berries
  • 2 ice cubes
  • ½ banana
  • 1/3 cup dry rolled oats
  • 1 tbsp ground flax seeds
  • 1 scoop vanilla protein powder (I used Jay Robb)
  • Dash of cinnamon


Place all of the ingredients into the blender and blend for 45 seconds or until thick and creamy. Pour into your glass and enjoy!

Serves one or two.

Nutrients for the entire recipe: Calories: 438; Total Fat: 0.6g; Saturated Fat: 0.6g; Cholesterol: 2mg; Carbohydrate: 60.2g; Dietary Fiber: 12.4g; Sugars: 19.3; Protein: 35.3g

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26 comments on “Oat and Berry Protein Shake

  1. Congratulations!!!!!!!!! Diet mentality – who doesn’t have one?! They love to toss you back and forth between starving yourself and indulging yourself. It’s so easy to forget plain old common sense and balance :) You’re absolutely right though, recognizing that old friend is half the battle. Favorite post workout snack – a banana with 1 Tbsp almond butter. Delicious! Favorite pre-workout snack: silken tofu, pumpkin puree, soy milk, cinnamon.

    • I’m a big banana and almond butter fan myself:) Your †ofu, pumpkin mix sound yummy! Thanks for sharing… you’ve given me some good ideas;).

  2. Congrats on the pregnancy! I’m 23 weeks and it was crazy in the beginning and I’m finally feeling somewhat normal again!

    I can’t wait to try this shake. I have gestational diabetes an am limited to what I can have but my Dr. approved of this recipe! Yay!

  3. In my humble opinion, everyone has an excuse to eat what they want during the first months of pregnancy when half of it is coming back up anyway!! I am glad you are starting to feel better and get back to your old self.

    I have a really hard time eating properly after a workout, though I know how important it is for recovery. So I drink a sports drink and generally some fruit or nuts or now I’m getting hooked on plain Greek yogurt with honey and nuts. I drank protein shakes for a long time but they don’t agree with me anymore. Maybe I’ll try yours with the oats.

    I’ll check back to see if anyone else has better ideas!

    • Greek yogurt is a great post workout snack! PErhaps experimenting with different brand of PP might help you find one that worst best for your system.

  4. Hi, and congrats=) I just had a baby a few months ag0. And have been unsure about protein powder and bf. I see you are still drinking it while prego. Is there any info on drink pp while bf?

    • Congrats to you too! I drank PP during and my 1st pregnancy and while breast feeding. My doctor and midwife said it was perfectly fine. I do recommend looking for a brand with no artificial sweeteners or foreign ingredients. I find Jay Robb to be the ‘cleanest’ PP out there:)

  5. Sounds yummy, we’ll have to try! Congrats on your upcoming arrival, boy or girl??
    All the Best,

  6. I have no idea what it’s like to be pregnant in reality – but the weird pregnant dreams I have been having – I can only imagine it’s a roller coaster of emotions and cravings. Sounds like you’re back on track and hopefully that is beneficial for you, new baby, and your family :)

    I’ve been making a similar smoothie lately! Similar ingredients different proportions. I use hemp milk (from Trader Joe’s) most the time, I like the nutty taste. Peanut Butter is a good addition when you feel like it. And I can’t wait to add cinnamon (it’s so goood for you)!!

    • OH I am addicted to nut butters! Amond and peanut are my faves. Often times I make my shake and then have a tbsp or so of nut butter on the side along with it. I prefer to eat with my shake rather than in it!

  7. So happy to hear you are feeling better Dani! Being sick while your pregnant is no fun. I also had the same feelings you had about “never wanting my husband to touch me again”. Ha! I thought it was only me. Glad to hear other pregnant women have those same thoughts. And it’s ok to indulge a little too while your pregnant.

    This smoothie sounds delicious and the perfect treat after a workout or even for breakfast to get the day going.

  8. YUUUMMM!!! I thought the texture would be an issue but NOT AT ALL! Also, I made mine with a little more banana because I did not have Protein Powder available, turned out wonderfully!
    Thanks Dani!
    Congratulations on your little blessing!
    San Diego

  9. I drink protein shakes all the time and have never put oats in them.. hmmm you always have the best ideas… I actually have been hooked on your protein pancakes and instead of bananas in them I have been doing a little mashed sweet potatoes instead and they are yummy… or as you would say de’lish… glad your feeling better… kids are the greatest aren’t they.. my baby is 28 and she is my best friend…

    I fight that diet monster away all the time as well… diets make me gain weight every time…. whole foods, simply prepared … that’s why i love your recipes

  10. Wow, amazing. Your shake is pretty much exactly the one I have for breakfast most mornings. I use an immersion blender and just whip it up right in the glass. I use different kinds of berries and sometimes substitute almonds or walnuts for the flax meal. Quick, easy and tasty.

  11. You really got me thinking about protein powder when I saw how much you use it. Unfortunately I’m allergic to soy so I had to go with a brown rice protein powder, which actually tastes good. But I never thought to put oatmeal in a smoothie. I can’t wait to try this out, thanks for the recipe!

  12. I think everyones’ diet/food choices is a day to day struggle. I started asking myself – Do I really want this junk in my body or do I want some clean fuel? Don’t get me wrong, I do love the occasional bad foods, but in moderation. When you start eating clean, your body continues that want for clean food until you fill it with junk. Like yesterday, I was craving carbs so badly – I wanted popcorn. Instead, I caramelized some cauliflower and called it a day!

    Some favorite post workout snacks – protein shake – 1 scoop of chocolate protein powder, 1 c almond milk, 1 frozen banana – yum or some pb on a piece of whole grain toast, greek yogurt with nuts and berries (or a banana) or plain old chocolate milk – 1%.

    • It’s so true, the cleaner we eat the more our bodies crave clean foods. I call it the snowball effect and it works in both directions! Thanks for sharing your snack ideas.

  13. Great post re; the dieting! Im getting married in 3 weeks (AGH!) so had to fight that monster recently myself. Im a totally slim healthy weight but I suddenly started getting all ‘maybe the day would be even better if I was just a bit thinner and…’ – UGH! NO WAY! Anyway I turned it round and decided I want to look as healthy as possible so IM concentrating on getting lots of good fat (skin and hair) plus healthy protein (energy and tone) and cutting down on sugar. Im always more jealous of people who ooze that healthy glow than people who are super skinny anyways!

    Glad youre back on form! xox

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