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Pineapple And Banana Smoothie

Banana Pineapple Smoothie

Banana Pineapple Smoothie – Clean & Delicious®

If you are wondering why it has taken me three months to post a new KidBite recipe the answer is simple.  Katie has figured out how to do things she wasn’t doing three months ago.  I mean three months ago she started doing things like this:

Katie falling out of her chair.jpg

She figured out how to get out of her bouncy chair in about three seconds flat (well all but that on leg she never seemed able to shake loose).

Slipping 80% of her body out her bouncy seat I could deal with, I mean, it wasn’t like she was going to get anywhere.  So this little maneuver didn’t really pose a problem for either of us (doesn’t she seems oddly content hanging out of her chair like that?).

BUT then she started to do things like this:

Getting caught underneath things like chairs and coffee tables.  And while this wouldn’t pose a problem for you or I, we have to remember that Katie was still learning her boundaries so I had to be available for lots of “ouch, I didn’t realize I had to duck to avoid the top of the wooden chair” and “Waaaahhhh, getting stuck under the coffee table is really frustrating” hugs and kisses.

But as you can see… still managed to snap a photo here and there.

And then suddenly she seemed to be getting the hang of things.

A little less bumping, a little less bruising and a lot more cruising (yes! Katie started walking nearly two months ago!).  So naturally I assumed I would have a bit more time on my hands, right?


Because with more mobility and “know-how” Katie started do things like this:

K Tupperware.jpg


katie in my things.jpg

Because really, who needs toys when you can play with Mommy’s tampons???

Clearly Katie had LOTS of energy and was finding very creative ways of using it.

So, I got to thinking.

What do I do when I have too much energy and need to unwind a bit (because surely an 11 month old baby could use a little unwinding, no?)

Why, I take a nice warm bath.  Hmmmmm, maybe a nice warm bath would do the trick.  I could seep some of the energy out of her body and get her to a place where she might just want to sit back, relax, and just chill.

Then I would surely have the time to sit down and post a KidBite.


Well, not exactly!!

Take a close look at Katie’s eyes in this picture:

Katie in towel.jpg

She is clearly NOT feeling sleepy or relaxed.

It’s as if the bath water charged her up and she came out with a little more crazy then she went in with!

Let’s just say that our bath did NOT result in Mommy’s maxin’ and relaxin’ visualization!

Perhaps I should make a vision board plastered with sleepy babies!

Look, I get it… babies have a lot of energy, but is it so wrong of me to day dream about Katie taking a little more down time during the day (did I mention she is NOT a long napper?)

See, here’s the kicker.

I know she is capable of maxin’ and relaxin’ when she feels like it.

I mean, just take a look at her in Palm Springs.

Katie in her Shades.jpg

Clearly, she is able to chill when she feels like it!

IS it really too much to ask of her to just give me a little bit more of THIS Katie at home??

Maybe I should let her wear her sunglasses in the house… perhaps that will do the trick!

ANYHOW…  Somehow we finally managed to make a smoothie, remember the recipe, and snap a few photo.

Katie LOVES anything that is cold and creamy so we make a lot of smoothies these days.

She always gives me this serious look when she first tries a new flavor, sorta like she is deciding whether or not it’s worth another bite.

Thinking bout it.jpg

But after a few bites I almost always get her seal of approval:

She likes it!.jpgThe great thing about a smoothie is that they make a great canvas for a host 

of nutritious ingredients!  This one was fairly basic; pineapple, banana, & soy milk, but you can easily sneak in some leafy greens, nice dark berries, and even green superfood powder!And the best part is that I can make a double serving and feed us both at the same time.  Often times I’ll add a little protein powder to mine, especially if it is after a morning workout.

What about you guys?

Do your little ones like smoothies?  Do YOU?  What are some of your favorite combos?

Pineapple And Banana Smoothie

Yield: 1 serving

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 0 minutes

Total Time: 5 minutes


  • 1 cup of unsweetened vanilla soy milk
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1 cup of frozen pineapple


Put the milk, banana, and pineapple in a blender, and blend until you have a thick and creamy smoothie.

If your smoothie is a tad too thick add a little extra soy milk or some water.  Enjoy!

Nutrients for entire recipe; Calories: 287; Fat: 4.7g; Protein: 10.8g; Carb: 53.6g; Fiber: 4.3g

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10 comments on “Pineapple And Banana Smoothie

  1. Oh, man, I can’t believe no one’s commented on this! Your blog is so worth talking about… I love this. My baby sister is turning 18 months soon, and she is so cute.
    Your daughter is adorable! I can totally understand the way she takes up all your time, even though I see the phenomenon as it happens to my mom (she has three boys in between me and the baby, too!).
    I love the photos!
    Regarding smoothies, I think I’m the only one around here who really even uses the blender… but I LOVE my smoothies, especially the green ones. (I dedicated a whole post to them once.)
    Alisha N

  2. Katie is a doll, and boy did post this take me back!
    I had 6 kids and remember the burning desire for a quiet chillin’ baby :)
    Smoothies have been a big hit at our house for many years. We can’t do soy, so instead we do homemade kefir or yogurt and fruit smoothies. The grand kids love ’em now, too!

  3. Just like Rhonda your post took me back too! I have two beautiful little girls, 4 1/2 & 5 1/2. I have a lot of similar pictures too! So good to know that I’m not the only one who wants to capture my kids in awkward situations! 😉
    Thanks for the smoothie post. I tend to forget about those…AND..I have all the ingredients, even the Green Superfood Powder! I have to trick my youngest into eating veggies – which includes making up fun names for discolored foods….like the Leprechaun Oatmeal! My next venture is adding pureed healthy veggies to pizza sauce…maybe some sweet potatoes and carrots?!
    Thanks for the ideas and inspirations Dani! Katie is beautiful!! (btw, I read something one time that baths can recharge little ones and it’s all in the timing. Try giving her a relaxing bath an hour before you want her to go to sleep)

  4. Your little girl is soooo cute – I see that you are truly enjoying motherhood. It’s wonderful to see – the years go by way too quick – my son’s already 26. That smoothie sounds great! I may just try it. Thanks.

  5. Lovely! What about Katie? She must be the little you – I bet your mom has stories to tell about when you are little….

    We love smoothies, they are on our breakfast all the time!
    We had banana, pinapple, apple and yogurt smoothie this morning, and we had the very fragrant lichi, grape, kiwi, lemon, honey and yogurt smoothie the other day. In the winter we simply add warm oatmeal and some nuts to make a not so cold smoothie to go with french toast or pancake.

    Have you heard the energy smoothie? The recipe is simple, three kinds of fruit, three kinds of green vege, three kinds of nuts, three kinds of grains, some ensyme supplement (such as Santos yeast), some seeds (sesame, linseed, etc), blended by a very strong blender, and you have all you need for the day. But, obviously not kidbite! Nice weekend!

  6. I just stumbled across your blog while trying to look for a kale chips recipe and saw this entry! It’s HILARIOUS! I LOVE the pictures to go along with it, I was laughing to whole time! My daughter just turned 2 and my son is almost 11 months — so I know exactly how you feel!!!
    I’ll definitely be checking back for more great foods (and laughs!)

    My daughter LOVES smoothies. I used to make 1 every morning for myself with hemp seeds, frozen fruit of choice, almond milk and some yogurt — I always had to make sure I made some extra for her! hahaha.
    Your daughter is SO CUTE!
    Hope you’re having a great (and crazy) weekend!!!!

  7. OMG ~ I LOVE all the pictures of Katie = so cute! I think it’s a fun age when they get adventurous and explore, but, it can drive you crazy for sure :) Thanks for sharing 😀

  8. Reminds me of when my little boy would pull the containers out of my pantry. We are really into smoothies this Summer and pineapple and banana is one of our favorites.

  9. But where’s the recipe for the shake?.

  10. I am cracking up over this. Your daughter is too cute. I’m obsessed with your site. Thanks for so many wonderful recipes!

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