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High-Protein Blueberry Pancakes

Blueberry Pancakes

High Protein Blueberry Pancakes – Clean & Delicious®

As I’ve mentioned in the past, breakfast is not my strong suite.

Actually, breakfast is a bit of an exaggeration.  Really, it’s just pancakes that I need to practice;  but every time pancakes are on the breakfast agenda, my husband pulls out the griddle and spatula faster than I can say, “maple syrup.”

There is not a long list of things my hubby likes to do in the kitchen, so I figure if the griddle makes him happy, who am I to stand in the way?  So I whip up the batter and hand it over to be “griddled up.”

In all honesty, I really don’t mind one bit. I kinda like that he likes the griddle. Or maybe I just like that he helps me make breakfast.

Actually, what I really like, is that we are doing it together. Chatting, laughing, sipping coffee and listening to music, while Katie hangs out in her high chair eagerly awaiting a bite of whatever her Mommy and Daddy are making.

Katie in the High Chair.jpg

It’s our family time and that makes me happy.  Even if it means never learning how to cook the perfect pancake (at least I get to eat them!)

SO – anyone want to chat about the pancakes?

I discovered Bill Phillips Protein Pancakes about five years ago (in his book Eating for Life) and they have been a favorite ever since.

They are made up of oatmeal, egg whites, and cottage cheese, so instead of eating a big plate of refined flour and sugar you get to eat a big plate of lean protein and complex carbs.

Bill suggests using two packets of sugar fee sweetener, but I am proud to say that I no longer use the FAKE stuff (ever – except for an occasional diet coke because for some reason diet coke it like crack for me).

What I do is add a few tablespoons of agave and a half a cup of blueberries to give it just the the right amount of that “sweet-yum-factor”.

Instead of topping my pancakes with butter and maple syrup, I prefer a few schmears of almond butter.  If you’ve never tried it you really need to – it’s too good not to.

What’s your favorite way to top your pancakes?  Are you a maple syrup and butta’ pancake-topper or do you have your own unique spin?

High-Protein Blueberry Pancakes

Yield: 2 servings

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 10 minutes

Total Time: 15 minutes


  • 1 cup of rolled Oats
  • 6 egg whites (3/4 cup)
  • 1 cup of low fat cottage cheese
  • ½ tsp of vanilla extract
  • ½ tsp cinnamon
  • 2 tsp of agave nectar
  • ½ cup of blueberries


Combine all of the ingredients (except for the blueberries) in a blender and blend until everything is well combined (about 30 seconds).  You want to have a nice smooth “pancake batter-like” consistency.

Gently stir in the blueberries.

Pre heat a non-stick pan or griddle over a medium heat and lightly coat with cooking spray.  Scoop ¼ cup of the batter on to the hot pan.  Repeat, adding as many pancakes as you can without crowding the pan.  Cook for about three minutes or until the edges start to bubble.  Flip the pancakes and cook for another two minutes or until golden brown.

Top with maple syrup, fruit, or my personal favorite – almond butter!

Makes 2 servings.

Nutrients per 1/2 of recipe; Calories: 336; Total Fat: 5.7g; Saturated Fat: 2g; Cholesterol: 15mg; Sodium: 540mg; Carbohydrate: 41.5g; Dietary Fiber: 4.9g; Sugars: 13.6g; Protein: 28g

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33 comments on “High-Protein Blueberry Pancakes

  1. Hi Dani! I’m a long time listener and first time caller. May I just say that your site revolutionized my dietary life! I was struggling to eat better (as in healthier & tastier & naturaler – totally a word) and found you here and have been hooked ever since. Also I never would have found the wonderful world of food/health blogs were it not for my first stop here. So thanks a million! I love your recipes and your philosophies.
    As for the pancakes.. I make your little oatmealy dreams with the addition of almond extract and top them with a little almond butter, a blob of raspberry jam and vanilla yogurt. I think they taste like Imperial Cookies! Ooh Yah!

  2. Those pancakes look delicious!!! I might just have to make those on the weekend :)

  3. Wow they sound AMAZING!!! I love pancakes and I love making them but I totally go into a carb coma after eating them even though I make buckwheat or whole wheat pancakes. At some point when you do want a carb coma try making ones with buttermilk! They are to die for! Good for you for giving up all of the artificial stuff, I did too! I feel so much healthier without it in my life. I can also relate to being a diet coke addict. I quit cold turkey a few years ago. Every once in awhile I get a craving, but I know if I pick up just one soda, I’m back to drinking it everyday multiple times a day. It is my crack and I have to stay away :(

  4. Merry – Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment:). ALmond butter, jam and yogurt on top of pancakes?? That sounds amazing… I will be trying that!

    Jackie – They are really good… hope you like them!

    Jennifer – I’m the same way with the DC – I usually just stay away, but every now and then I cave in!!

  5. i use a squeeze bottle to dispense my batter onto the griddle. i always use whole eggs for their goodness. it must be real maple syrup, sometimes jam or marmalade for the topping.

    i look forward to receiving your emails, you have given me some good ideas.


  6. I made banana pancakes the other week and topped them with peanut butter and maple syrup. Seriously delicious.

  7. Dani,
    These look terriffic. I really like to make extra waffles or pancakes (or whatever we’re having) on the weekend and pop them in the freezer for a quickie breakfast during the week, toast them in the toaster at work and your good to go. Think that would work with these? Also can I premake the batter in the blender say friday night and have it be ready for Saturday morning? Also i have blueberry whey protien powder…would it work in ther or get sticky?

  8. Delicious!!! I LOVE Blueberry pancakes and sometimes use Maple Flakes in mine and top them with a fresh blueberry sauce and greek yogurt. I never thought of trying agave…I NEED to do that.

  9. Thanks for the link love! I’m also doing pancakes likes these ones you just posted – cottage cheese, oatmeal, and egg whites or eggbeaters. My favorite new way to make them is with sliced strawberry and coconut – such a treat for breakfast!

  10. Pancake breakfasts are a special treat with me and my best friend! We mix up oats, whole wheat flour, flax meal, egg whites, milk, cinnamon and nutmeg…then once they are on the griddle we push chopped dates into each pancake…..until they are covered!! Topping with peanut butter, yogurt or honey finishes them off perfectly.. it’s like dessert for breakfast! (at least to your brain)

  11. Oh that sounds so good Dani! Can I replace the rolled oats with something else? On hand, I have whole wheat flour, quinoa and barley… Anything that would work?

  12. hi dani, i just wanted to say that i love your blog and continually come back for more recipes. thank you so much for all the wonderful ideas!

  13. David – Love the squeeze bottle idea:).

    Gill – Bananas and maple syrup work so well together… add a pat of peanut butter and I’m in seventh heaven.

    Ashley – I’ve never tried freezing them but I think it would definitely work. I also think making the batter the night before would be just fine. As for the protein powder, that is definitely going to change the consistency a bit… these pancakes already have 28g of protein per serving so I personally would skip the pp.

    Danica – I need to try maple flakes… never bought them… tell me more!

    Cara – Sliced strawberry and coconut?? OMG… I think I know what flavor my next batch of pancakes will be.

    Kim – I get the whole dessert for breakfast thing… my brain is a lot like yours!

    Vero – I think it would work. It’s definitely worth a try… let me know how it goes.

    Crystal – Thanks for letting me know!! I appreciate each and everyone of my readers!!

  14. also- you should try a deconstructed sushi recipe! i think your readers would enjoy it :)

  15. Dani, I love this idea but I am lactose intolerant (def. no cottage cheese!) and I can’t eat eggs either…any other ideas for pancakes? I, too, love them and the family time that comes with them but I honestly only know how to make the carb laden, sugary version without dairy and eggs. Help?

  16. Hey dani
    We just tried these out the other day and they were soooo good!!!!
    Now I can Finally make pancakes that I don’t feel guilty eating!!
    Thanx a ton

  17. Crystal – Deconstructed sushi… I love it! I will definitely be trying this idea:)

    Stacey – Hmmmm… this is a tough one. Maybe you can try using some soy yogurt instead of the cottage cheese and add some almond or soymilk. I’m not positive this will work, but you could give it a try:)

    Nancy – Thanks for letting me know!! We love them around here… they’ve become a weekend staple.

  18. Just recently found your site and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Thanks so much (found by looking for a recipe for Kale Chips – thanks for the video.)
    Pancakes – this may be weird to everyone but I make savory protein ones for dinner. Mine have flaked cooked salmon, sliced spring onions, cayenne pepper, and grated carrot in them. Topped with salsa. Harks back to the salmon patties my mother used to make for us years ago….try it, they’re really good!

  19. Brenda – So happy that you found me and that you are enjoying the website! What a creative way to make pancakes… savory! Yum. I will definitely have to give this a try!

  20. Sorry, I just realised I should have clarified about the pancakes, I replace the vanilla, cinnamon, and blueberries with the salmon, spring onion, and carrot, keeping the other ingredients pretty much the same. The cottage cheese is a must! (Also a good way to use up leftover veggies, adding them in the mix, chopped broccoli, cauliflower, chopped spinach, etc.,)

  21. My sister is a very good nutriologist and she advise me all the time to watch out my lack of protein in my diet. With this recipe we will all be happy. I just have a question: can I freeze this food? And when do I put the blueberries to the mix?

  22. Hi we just made these and would love to know how much is a seving? Thanks :)

  23. Hi Dani. Of course another great recipe. I tried them this morning and made extra for the week. I enjoy putting unsweetened applesauce on them. Thanks!

  24. Dani… Could I incorporate some oat bran into these and if so, is there an ingredient I should leave out or decrease to allow for that? I’d like to add ground flax seed into it as well but I doubt I’d need to change anything to allow for that….? And how much of these 2 items would you suggest I add to this recipe without changing the texture too much?

    Thx, Sandi

  25. Im lactose intolerant so I tried these with plain soy yogurt.. Wasn’t sure how they’d turn out but they are amazing! I topped them with almond butter and I’m definitely making them again! Usually I make an egg white omelette with spinach veggies and lentils for a high protein breakfast, this is a good change for something sweet on the weekends.

  26. I found when doing this recipe and calculating the caloric intake with even low fat and brands I used it came out to 22 calories in fat. I didn’t do the math myself I went thru my fitness pal and placed the ingredients in the recipe box and entered the caloric intake for each of it and the number of servings provided on the your website. This is excluding the coconut oil I used to cook them. I just wanted to emphasize for those who are still watching calories to consider ingredients being used as not all calories are created equal nor does each brand have the same calories even if you use a low fat item. Just for those who may need to keep this in mind.

  27. Finally! A pancake that is both mom and child approved! My daughter prefers them without blueberries or agave nectar and they still taste great. Thank you, Dani.

  28. Dani your daughter is adorable, I like to waste extra ink on pictures.:(. Please at least give us a choice of rather to include or not.  Love your site  and your recipes are the BEST!    You are my go to cooking site.

    Take care, love ya.


    • Hi Ella! I’m working on it. I didn’t remove that option – I’m just having some technical issues. Hope to have it back soon!

  29. Thank u Dani 
    Came out gr8..

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