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Bee Pollen & Flax Topped Oatmeal

Oats With Bee Pollen

Oats With Bee Pollen – Clean & Delicious®

Okay – so I need to know, how many of you guys make your food choices based on nutrients and health value vs. flavor and taste?

Personally, I believe that great, healthy, nutritious foods taste great just the way they are, most of the time, but every now and then I come across an ingredient that I would really like to include in my diet due to a stellar-nutritional-profile that I don’t  particularly enjoy the taste of.

This is quite a conundrum because eating foods that don’t taste good is counter-intuitive!

After all, eating is supposed to be a source of pleasure in our lives; but how pleasurable is eating something that you do not enjoy the taste of?!

Enter Bee Pollen.

Bee Pollen is said to be yet another Super Food.

An ingredient that contains all the nutrients needed to sustain life.

It is a complete protein that contains all 22 amino acids and has been said to improve immunity and overall heath.

The problem is simple.  It tastes like crap.  Well, at least it did initially.

Bee Pollem caught my eye while thumbing through “The Eat-Clean Diet,” by Tosca Reno.  Tosca adds bee pollen to her oatmeal every morning (along with flax seeds and wheat germ) because she says, “it gives her stamina”.

And since I am working towards being my strongest, leanest, healthiest, happiest, most vibrant and energetic self, I take the advice of accomplished “strong, lean, healthy, happy, vibrant, energetic people (like my role model Tosca) and am learning to love bee pollen.

And here’s the funny thing.

Initially, I did not enjoy the flavor of bee pollen at all.  It tasted kind of bitter and dusty.  But once the little granules began to melt into my oats, they actually began to grow on me.  So much so that I have added them into my oats every morning this week and have actually been enjoying them!

This meal is by no means a creative culinary creation.  It is more of a “feel-good power food” kind of breakfast.

BUT If you wanted to enjoy this meal with a little less of the “eat-to-live” mentality and a little more of the “love-to-eat” mentality be sure to top it with some agave nectar and lots of fresh berries!

So tell me… have any of you ever tried bee pollen before?  If so, what do you think of it and how do you incorporate it into your meals?

Bee Pollen & Flax Topped Oatmeal

Yield: 1 serving

Prep Time: 3 minutes

Cook Time: 2 minutes

Total Time: 5 minutes


  • 1/2 cup dry oatmeal
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 tbsp ground flax seeds
  • 1 tbsp bee pollen


Combine oatmeal and water in a microwave safe bowl.  Microwave on high for about two minutes, stirring half way through (cooking times may vary depending on your microwave).

Top with flax seed and bee pollen. Enjoy!

Calories: 237; Total Fat: 6g; Saturated Fat: 1.3g; Cholesterol: 0mg; Sodium: 1mg; Carbohydrate: 36g; Dietary Fiber: 7.1g; Sugars: 1g; Protein: 10.1g

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15 comments on “Bee Pollen & Flax Topped Oatmeal

  1. I’ve never tried bee pollen before, where can you find it?

  2. Hi Dani

    Bee Pollen, I dont like the flavour but am willing to try it for the benefits so I have a tablespoon of it with water before my oatmeal, I just cant stand the prolonged flavour in my meal, I’d rather enjoy my oatmeal and get the bee pollen out the way, I cant honestly say I have notice any energy improvements.

    Have you or other readers ?


  3. Hey Dani — Yes, I’ve tried bee pollen, and really wished that I liked it. Alas, it is awful. I’m pretty sure that it gives me a stomach ache also. My jar is still sitting in my pantry, but I think I should toss it — I can’t chance the tummy trouble and don’t want to waste the $$ buying a new jar “just to see” if I can learn to love it. Bee pollen and beans — nutritionally great food that I can’t learn to love.

  4. Cassie – I bought it at Whole Foods.

    Julia – I have to say – by adding squish of agave along with the bee pollen is actually growing on me! As for extra energy… I’m not sure yet. I’m gonna give it a little more time to see is I really notice a difference:).

    Janine – At the end of the day there are SO many nutritious foods to choose from that there’s no need to get hung up on any ONE! I say, if you really don’t like… move on:)

  5. Lynn,
    I have been using beepollen on my oatmeal for over a year. Another way it tastes good is sprinkled on greek yogurt and fruit. Don’t try it in smoothies it’s nasty.

    I purchase my bee pollen at the Vitamin Shoppe and they sell it in there own brand name. This month they are running a special buy one brand name item get the other 50% off -a great savings.

  6. I, too, have read Tosca’s books and am trying to incorporate bee pollen into my diet. I hate the taste of it as well and think it ruins anything I put it in, so I just eat it plain from the spoon and get it over with fast. This is a newer addition for me and I do think that it is getting so it’s not quite so bad. I will stay with it and see if it helps.

  7. Is bee pollen in capsule form going to give the same effect? I would think it would eliminate the taste problem. ? I’ve considered buying it, for the same reasons that you purchased it, I think my last reservation is, what if I’m allergic?

  8. I just have to say a “thank you!” to you, Dani!

    I found this blog over on 3fatchicks.com web forum, and I’ve been a regular since that posting. I’ve lost well over 110 pounds thus far, and I’ve done it by eating clean and loading up on good wholesome healthy calories and plenty of exersise. But left to my own devices I can’t come up with a week-to-week meal plan that is easy to prepare (I’m not much of a cook, unfortunately). Thus, this blog works perfectly for me: I merely pick and choose meals, tally up the calorie counts and away I go.

    All your meals seem to have a healthy balance of carbs to protien and healthy fats. Please don’t quit giving us your meal ideas!

    Thank you, thank you! ^^

    – Tanya

  9. I couldn’t agree more about it tasting dusty at first! But knowing that what you are eating is such a natural and nutritious food somehow makes the taste acceptable! I find throwing a bit into a smoothie works well, because it gets masked by all the other flavours. I also recently saw in the grocery store bee pollen that comes mixed with honey already! I think I might give that a try…sounds good!

  10. Hi, Dani!

    I quite enjoy my bee pollen. I buy it fresh from the farmer’s market and mix it in yogurt with agave or another sweetener. I’ve never had a problem with the flavor and I like the texture. Mixing it in oatmeal sounds like an excellent idea. I’ll try that. Thank you and keep up the good work!

  11. I use Bee Pollen every morning. It was interesting at first and kind of built up to about a tbsp., but now I don’t think I would enjoy my oats without it. I eat it with my oats flax and egg whites! Got it from Tosca too. Believe it or not, I’ve been eating this same breakfast for about a year. I usually put blueberries in it too. Love your site Dani!

  12. I don’t like it when it melts into my oatmeal, but I love it sprinkled on toast or an english muffin with a nut butter and honey. Do you know if it is safe while breastfeeding? I’ve heard conflicting reports and would be concerned about it being allergenic.

  13. Hey I too, read Tosca Reno and her husbands Robert Kennedy’s column in the Oxygen Magazine every month, thanks to them I have recently lost about 40lbs by eating clean and exercising regularly it is full proof. I would like to say that I just started taking the Bee Pollen and it doesn’t taste that great. My trainer say’s that in Cuba that is what they give there training athletes every morning before working out( he knows this because he was one of them). I figured if they can handle it so can I, after all I am a “sister of iron”. as Tosca would say. Thanks for your column

  14. I have also recently started to incorporate bee pollen into my diet. And yes, I got the idea from Tosca Reno who is also my role model when it comes to eating, training and living your most full life. Love her! I started off adding it to my morning oatmeal. Didn’t love it, but it was tolerable. Lately, I’ve been putting it into my post-workout protein smoothie and the taste is barely noticeable. Especially if I use mango or pineapple. The flavors seem to complement one another.

  15. Yes I have ~ 1 TBSP of be pollen every morning in my unsweetened gluten free hot cereal mix, along with chopped walnuts.

    I do not like the taste of honey, or actually the bee pollen straight. I find it is too similar to honey for me, but mixed in with my cereal, it gives it just a touch of sweetness it needs.

    Also sprinkled on a tortilla that has been spread with all natural peanut butter is tasty as well.

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