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BBQ Pork Strips

BBQ Pork Strips

BBQ Pork Strips – Clean & Delicious®

Did anyone watch the Michael Jackson Tribute on Oprah last Wed?

There was a point in the interview when Oprah asked Michael to show her some dance moves and Michael said that, “he didn’t make up or invent the moves, but that he simply enhanced them.”  When I heard Michael say that, I thought to myself, “Hey – That’s exactly what I do.”

THAT is how I come up with most of my recipes.  I see something, somewhere, that I would like to eat, or have enjoyed eating (maybe I read it in a magazine or on another blog, see it on tv, order it in a restaurant, have it a friend’s house, the list goes on…) and then I bring the idea into my kitchen and ENHANCE it (who knew MJ and I had so much in common?).

For me, enhancing something, means to throw your own spin on it.  A spin that resonates with something inside of you.  My spin in the kitchen is obvious… making nutritious, healthy food, simple and delicious!

This is a recipe that was in this months issue of  “Clean Eating” (an awesome magazine that features all clean eating recipes).  It’s a pretty simple and straight forward recipe, which was super healthy left just the way it was, but I decided to enhance it a bit by adding some garlic powder and Ancho Chili powder for flavor.  I also threw a dollop of plain yogurt into the marinade in an attempt to keep the extra lean pork tenderloin nice and moist and tender (in other words, I wanted to be sure not to end up with dry, rubbery pork strips).

I finished the plate with some fresh chopped scallions.  Not only do the scallions brighten up the presentation a bit, but they add a nice crunch with a subtle onion flavor that compliments the sweet BBQ sauce perfectly!

You could serve these as an appetizer, but I turned them into dinner and served them with some simple slaw and steamed broccoli… it was deeelicious!

So tell me, how do you come up with recipes??  How would you describe YOUR spin in the kitchen??

BBQ Pork Strips

Yield: Serves 4

Prep Time: 15 minutes + marinating

Cook Time: 5 minutes

Total Time: 2 hours 20 minutes


  • 1.25lb pork tenderloin, trimmed of any excess fat
  • 1 tbsp Ancho Chili Pepper
  • 1 tbsp Garlic powder
  • 1 tbsp plain greek yogurt
  • ¼ cup of BBQ sauce (and a bit extra for dipping) - look for a sauce that keeps the sugars between five and eight grams per serving


Cut the pork crosswise into four equal pieces.  Then cut each fourth into quarters lengthwise so that you end up with sixteen strips.

In a medium bowl combine Ancho Chili Pepper, garlic powder, yogurt, bbq sauce and salt and pepper.   Add pork to the spice mixture and use your hands to mix it all together.  Be sure that each piece of pork is completely coated with bbq mixture.

Pop it all in the fridge and let it marinate over night (or for at least a few hours).

When ready to cook, turn the broiler to high and spray a rimmed baking sheet with cooking spray.  Lay the pork out on the sheet and pop under the broiler for 2-3 minutes on each side or until the pork is cooked through.  Be sure not to let the pork cook too long because once it goes too far it can dry out (the sacrifice of working with such lean meat).

Makes 4 servings.

Nutrients per 4 strips w/ 1 tbsp of BBQ on the side:  Calories: 233; Total Fat: 5.8g; Saturated Fat: 1.6g; Cholesterol: 92mg; Sodium: 304mg; Carbohydrate: 10.4g; Dietary Fiber: 0; Sugars: 6.3g; Protein: 32.8g

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One comment on “BBQ Pork Strips

  1. I bet this is how most cooks create recipes. After all, how many entirely original dishes are there? 😉

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