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Summer Squash (Video)

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We’re at the tail end of summer and Summer Squash is pretty abundant right now so if you want a little refresher on the basics of Summer Squash, this video is for you!

The end of Summer is the time of year when gardens are bursting with Summer Squash, so now is a great time to try this clean and d’lishes veggie!

Remember, “what grows together, goes together” so try pairing Summer Squash with some other fresh, seasonal, summer-time herbs and veggies (think dill, basil, tomatoes, corn…). But just in case you are drawing a blank, I’ve listed a handful of recipes below.

In the video, I show you one of my favorite SUPER SIMPLE ways of enjoying squash, but I would (WE would) love to hear some of your favorite ways of eating or/and making this veggie.  So feel free to give me some of your tips and recipes in the comments below:).

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2 comments on “Summer Squash (Video)

  1. Growing up I was mostly exposed to zuchinni and yellow squash, but
    lately I’ve been experimenting more and more with new varieties and I
    love them all. I am a huge fan of winter squash as well. I buy a white,
    Italian variety of zuchinni here in Brazil and for lunch I often saute
    it with carrots, onions and garlic and top it with a spicy peanut

  2. I love raw zuchinni, I can’t get enough of it!

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