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How-To Store Fresh Herbs (Video)

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Fresh herbs are hands-down one of the easiest, fastest, and most nutritious ways to add a lot of flavor to a simple meal.

I find that the biggest challenge people have with fresh herbs is making them last so I wanted to share a few tips with you guys that I always turn to in order to get the most life out of my fresh herbs (and I’m telling you guys, I can get close to two weeks out of fresh herbs when I take the time to store them correctly).

If you have any other tips or ideas that work for you when it comes to making your herbs go the distance, I’d love to hear about them down in the comments below.

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4 comments on “How-To Store Fresh Herbs (Video)

  1. Thanks for the video Dani. I used fresh herbs in cooking for the first time last night thanks to your Whole Wheat Penne with salmon and greens recipe. So good!

  2. Haven’t seen a video in a looong time and have to tell you the pregnancy has made you even more beautiful! Hope you are enjoying your time and loving your bump :)

  3. First off..you are a god. Fresh herbs longer video was great. I was hoping that the herbs would last longer than a week or too. Can you dry them out and use them longer?

  4. Sharon Torrens Reply

    Fabulous video Dani. So great to hear your voice. Please call me when you come to the east coast so we can see each other. The herb tips are so great. Sometimes I skip buying them and use my dry ones because they go bad before I use them all….Now you solved that problem for me. Thanks so much.

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