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Quick Tip – Substituting Dry Herbs for Fresh


Have a recipe that calls for fresh herbs but all you have on hand are dried herbs?!  No problemo… here’s all you need to know:

One third dried herbs is equal to one part fresh herbs.

So, if your recipe calls for a tbsp of fresh basil you would substitute by using one third the amount of dried basil (1 tsp). Easy enough, right?

And remember, when working with dried herbs you want to add them in towards the beginning of the cooking process, this give them the chance to release all their flavors and open up! When working with fresh herbs, you want to add them towards the end of the cooking process so they don’t turn brown and lose their bright, fresh, flavor!

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5 comments on “Quick Tip – Substituting Dry Herbs for Fresh

  1. I nag because I love.

    more please :)

  2. It’s very hard to find dried coriander (cilantro in your language LOL) leaves here in Australia. The dried coriander here is actually the seed (spice), not the leaves (herb) so it tastes very different!
    Lucky bunches of coriander are readily available though. You just have to have them in the house to be prepared!

  3. MizFit – You got it!

    Sandy – You just taught me something new… I did not know that seeds were spices and leaves were herbs!! Very cool:).

  4. That is great if the recipe calls for measurable quantities but what if it calls for x amount of leaves of a herb and you only have the dried chopped version?

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